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  The IBBA is a not-for-profit Trade Organization concerned specifically with the issues of butterfly breeding, releases, education, exhibition, scientific study of the butterfly world, and many other aspects of lepidoptera.

  All IBBA Members are asked to abide by this ethical code.

No shipment of butterflies from the wild; hand-reared individuals only
Shipped where regulation permits
When shipping for environmental release, ship only when weather         conditions allow for butterfly survival
Ship only healthy, vigorous butterflies
Ship in containers with packing that best protects the butterflies
Supply pertinent instructions as appropriate to insure the well-being and safety of the livestock

  Butterfly people are a different type of person in the respect that they pay attention to detail, willingly adhere to strict guidelines of ethical breeding and handling of butterflies, have a thirst for more knowledge in the field, and are always looking for new and better ways to enhance their expertise.
Lucy's Butterfly Farm
Dear Friends and Butterfly Lovers, 

I am retired! Cant believe it's been a year already. 

It has been an exciting ten years of learning about and breeding butterflies.
It has been my pleasure to provide butterflies and educational kits for all my customers and I thank you for your support and confidence in me over the years. 

It was my pleasure to be a part of your efforts to teach children about our pollinators and their life cycles and life lessons. Butterflies have taught us so many things and will continue to be an inspiration in future. 

I will continue to provide our pollinators with nectar and host plants in my garden and I encourage you to do the same. 

For classroom kits and release butterflies, I recommend my friends at Butterflies and Roses.

Stay safe and well,

Yours in flight… 
Lucy Anna Perna 

​March 4th, 2022

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