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  The IBBA is a not-for-profit Trade Organization concerned specifically with the issues of butterfly breeding, releases, education, exhibition, scientific study of the butterfly world, and many other aspects of lepidoptera.

  All IBBA Members are asked to abide by this ethical code.

No shipment of butterflies from the wild; hand-reared individuals only
Shipped where regulation permits
When shipping for environmental release, ship only when weather         conditions allow for butterfly survival
Ship only healthy, vigorous butterflies
Ship in containers with packing that best protects the butterflies
Supply pertinent instructions as appropriate to insure the well-being and safety of the livestock

  Butterfly people are a different type of person in the respect that they pay attention to detail, willingly adhere to strict guidelines of ethical breeding and handling of butterflies, have a thirst for more knowledge in the field, and are always looking for new and better ways to enhance their expertise.

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Lucy's Butterfly Farm provides Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies for release at celebrations of life, funerals, memorials and fund raisers. 
Release butterflies in memory of your loved one. 

For more information on these types of release and to see a lovely release video please go to this page:
Memorials and Funeral Releases

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Celebrate with a Butterfly release!



Fundraising Events!
Order Painted Lady Butterfly Raising Kits
Butterfly raising kits are provided as an educational aid: loved by teachers, home schooling parents and learners of all ages. 

  Release butterflies at your special event! The butterfly is a beautiful symbol of new beginnings and hope. Butterfly releases are ideal for weddings. Imagine adding a live butterfly release to your special day. Create a unique memory you and your guests will cherish. 
IBBA Continuing Education Seal for the IBBA Procedures Course for Raising Healthy Monarchs
Grow your own butterflies and release them! 
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Group Bundle Ordering Special!

  Are you looking for something educational to do at home? We here at Lucy`s Butterfly Farm would like to offer you the mini Painted Lady Caterpillar rearing kit with the promotion of the buy one at $35.00 after that all others become $30.00 this kit includes 5 caterpillars in individual cups, a paintbrush to clean out the frass, and a mini pop-up flight cage.

  Are you outside the province of Ontario or even so far out of the GTA that shipping costs might be a bit extreme? well if you have friends, family or even neighbors who might like to rear some caterpillars too, then what we offer is to ship all the orders to one location and from there you can arrange safe porch pick-ups yourselves.  All the kits will arrive in one box but inside you will find they are packaged into their individual kits for you. And this means we`ll be able to spread out the cost of shipping over your entire group and invoice everyone at a price that does not break the bank.

  If you’re all ordering the mini kit special please just have one person order and we can put together the deal from there.

  If anyone is looking at ordering one of our many other kit options when they place their orders please use the delivery address of your designated group leader to receive the shipment.

  If you find yourself having questions for us while you’re trying to place an order at the bottom of the page you will be able to find our comments or questions box.

​To order please go to:

Lucy Perna & Sarah Chechalk

You have questions? We have answers!