March 25th 2020

Hello Educators, Parents, and Butterfly enthusiasts,

We here at Lucy’s Butterfly Farm are taking extra precautions to maintain the health and safety of our staff and family. We are continuing to keep the farm running, with extra care with the cleaning procedures being taken.

We are still continuing to take all your orders, and have lots of healthy, happy caterpillars and butterflies to fulfill our commitments to you, and will continue to raise more with the anticipation of our schools being able to reopen and continue with your classes. And also to support those who are at home looking for fun educational things to do with your loved ones.

During these rapidly changing times with the Covid 19 pandemic, we understand the government needs to make changes, sometimes daily, as to when your schools will reopen.
For everyone who has already placed an order with us, we wish to ensure you we will not ship any orders while facilities remain closed, however we can still ship to home addresses. We want you to know you have nothing to worry about.

We understand that you are unsure of your school’s reopening date right now, and we want to encourage you to hold off on making changes or canceling your orders. we have already being thinking about all these things happening, and do have ideas for the next step on your already placed orders, so please feel free to reach out to us here at Lucy’s Butterfly Farm, and we will go over all your options with you.

We know some of the students in your classrooms were probably already excited about this activity. You may have had a previous student in your class who was able to enjoy this fun activity, and perhaps they got their siblings excited about it. We appreciate that you might kindly share with the parents of the children in your class, about us so they can still enjoy this project at home themselves.

Please feel free to email us directly at with your questions and for more information on the next course of action with your orders. We will reply as quickly as we can given the circumstances we are now facing.

From the Lucy’s Butterfly Farm team, we hope you all stay healthy, by washing your hands and keeping up social distancing. 

Keep your heads up and spirits up as we will all get through this together.

Lucy-Anna Perna and Sarah Chechalk