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The following are some frequently asked questions questions you may have about the caterpillar kits.
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Lucy-Anna Perna
Butterfly Farmer

How long does it take for the painted lady butterflies to emerge? 
It takes about three weeks from the time you receive the painted lady caterpillars to butterfly emergence. 
It is not recommended that you keep the butterflies for longer than a week before releasing them.

Should I drill more holes for the caterpillars to breathe?
No we have drilled each lid for you so that there is sufficient air flow and moisture control. Caterpillars do not breathe as we do. 

Flea and tick prevention products can be deadly to caterpillars. If you have a pet with these items on them, please keep them out of the room with caterpillars, and be certain to wash your hands after petting your treated animals. Do not use any insecticides in the same room as your butterflies.

When are the kits shipped? 
We begin shipping the caterpillar kits in late April and through May and early June. Shipping is usually on Mondays and Tuesdays. There is no shipping on Sundays or holidays.

And when do you ship live butterflies for release?
Releases for weddings and other special occasions begin in mid May through to mid September. 

How long does shipping take? 
Overnight shipping with Fedex is next day, Ground shipping takes one or two days sometimes more depending on your location. 

How do I clean my cages? 
To clean cages properly and avoid any contamination: Add about 5% bleach to a bath of COLD WATER, soak the cage for ten minutes and then rinse well with HOT water and air dry. 

Is the small cage big enough for a class kit? 
Yes, the small cage is big enough for either size kit 15- 25 butterflies. The large cage may hold up to 125 comfortably.

Is it ok if the butterflies are touching the paper when they are hanging in the flight cage? 
Yes, it's okay. 

Should you name and assign each caterpillar?
We do not recommend you name and assign a caterpillar to each student since losses are very hard on them at a young age. A group project is best. 

What is the food for the caterpillars made from?
It is made from soy flour and wheat germ and other nutrients. It is formulated especially for larvae- a scientific diet full of every nutrient your caterpillars need to grow up healthy. 

Is it OK to release farm raised butterflies into the environment?
No damage to local butterfly populations or to the environment has been reported as a result of this livestock being sold, raised and released.

Customer Satisfaction:  Lucy’s Butterfly Farm guarantees our projects. We will replace failed kits in-season immediately. If kits cannot be replaced in season, we will carry your credit forward until it is convenient for you.

Environmentally Friendly: All of our caterpillars are farm-raised and never wild caught. They are a native species and a beneficial pollinator - you're helping the ecosystem and boosting pollinator populations with every butterfly you release. This applies to both painted lady and monarch butterflies. 
Easy to use Instructions: Our comprehensive detailed instructions are easy to follow. You`ll receive a copy with your kit.

Healthy Stock: We run a disease free facility: All larvae equipment we use is professionally sterilized to guarantee the safety and health of our animals before they reach you.

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