Butterfly Releases for Memorials, Funerals and Celebrations of Life 
Butterflies have always been a symbol of hope and uplifting spirit for humans. They provide a beautiful way to remember your loved ones and celebrate their lives. 
Monarch or painted lady butterflies can be released as a symbolic celebration of your loved ones' life. In many cultures it is believed that butterflies represent the spirit or the soul of those who have passed. 
Please contact Lucy for more details. We try to have extra butterflies on hand for memorials and funerals.


Our event on Friday at the hospital was a great success! Everyone appreciated the butterflies as a symbol of hope and the weather was perfect for release (in between some showers throughout the day)
If you like our Facebook page – Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton, you will see a video of the release (in case you wanted to use on your website)

For our family, we had the grand-kids meet us on Friday to release the monarchs. They were so thrilled with the experience and we wanted to teach them about remembering Auntie Rachael. Our daughter also gave permission for you to use the attached picture. The monarchs were stunningly beautiful. What a special treat!!!

Thanks again for everything!
Tracy Stacey
SPCCH Events Co-ordinator
A graveside release of monarchs. 
Proud member of the IBBA since 2009
From time to time I receive emails from those who have released butterflies for memorial events. Many thanks to the Bereaved Families of Ontario Pembroke Chapter especially Director Clay McAleer.

Dear Lucy;

Greetings from your friends from Bereaved Families of Ontario Pembroke Chapter. 

We are beginning our planning for our memorial event featuring your beautiful butterflies so we thought we would make contact with you as soon as possible. We were wondering if you were still interested in providing us with butterflies this year and if there had been any changes to prices or shipping practices or… well anything really.

 Things worked out so well last year that we hope we can partner up again. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care;
C.L. (Clay) McAleer CD, RSSW, Dip. Min

Program Director

Bereaved Families Ontario - Pembroke


"Grieving is healing"

P.S. I have attached some pictures for you to use.