From IBBA Vice President John Dailey 

Hi All,

 We know we are not a large organization and everyone knows when it comes to raising butterflies it is not a 9 to 5 operation. 

It is truly impressive the level of dedication and commitment to helping one-another people have. I, for one, appreciate all the help that has been given to me.

The other impressive part is the level of commitment to butterflies this organization has - we certainly do not do it for fame and fortune!

As we are in our annual meeting, I would like to take a moment and point at one example of the IBBA in action.

The overwintering sites in Mexico are fragile with little or no protection. The Monarchs are dependent on the Oyamel forests which are concentrated in a very small area (approx 40 miles by 40 miles) in the mountains of Central Mexico at 10,000 feet . Without these trees there will be no Monarch migration.

Given the current climate of governmental environmental support, there is very little or no protection for these sites. This is a red alert!

There is one non-profit organization, the Butterflies and Their People, trying to do something about it. This organization is a small village perched at 6000 feet on the Cerro Pulon Mountain where one of the most beautiful Sanctuary exists. The Cerro Pulon Monarch Sanctuary is like entering a cathedral where you suddenly realize you are not breathing from your senses being overwhelmed with a glorious sense of peace.

The IBBA is a patron of the Butterflies and Their People, providing direct support for maintaining rangers to patrol the Sanctuary and the equipment they need. To date over $4000 has been contributed including equipment such as radios and boots. We expect to contribute at least another $1000 for the first part of 2019.

Part of our mission is to support the welfare of butterflies and I can not think of a more appropriate endeavor for our organization to undertake then to support protecting the monarchs for all the people of North America.


John Dailey
Vice President


If you did not catch one of the mailers sent out I have attached it again.
Butterflies and Their People - 
Dedicated to protecting the fragile home of the Monarch Butterfly

God has created a special creature; the jewel of the sky, the Monarch butterfly. He gave His creature a special place to rest in a grove hidden high in the mountains, where a thick canopy of trees shelters the Monarchs through the winter.

Dear ,

Thank you for sharing your email with us and SkyRiver Butterflies at the Philadelphia Flower show. The International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA) also supports our efforts.

My name is Joel Moreno Rojas, and I was born in the foothills of one of these special places, the tiny village of Macheros at the entry of the Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. We are located 100 miles northwest of Mexico City. The Monarchs overwinter at 10,000 feet on the mountain above us.

Before I was even born my father worked as a forest ranger in the Sanctuary. When I grew up, I started working there as a guide. In fact, I met my wife Ellen on a tour I led. My whole family and I are dedicated to the protection of the butterflies and their forest, which is why I am writing to you.

The Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary is truly a special place – but it is also a very fragile one. The Monarchs overwinter in a small area with a special micro-climate: a thick canopy of Oyamel Fir trees protects the resting Monarchs from temperature extremes and bad weather.

Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
The problem we face is, when the butterflies leave, illegal logging starts.

Taking trees from the butterfly forest destroys its special microclimate and puts the migration at risk!

Unfortunately, environmental protection is a low priority right now in the U.S. and Mexico. We must step in if we want our Monarchs and their miraculous migration to survive. If we are to save the Monarch migration, we must enlist Monarch lovers of all nations in these efforts. This wonder of nature belongs to all of us!  Our fear is, if illegal loggers continue chopping down the trees where the Monarchs roost, the deforestation could bring the migration to an end.

That's why we need your help. We have started a non-profit, Butterflies and Their People, with the specific goal of hiring and training local people as guardians to watch over the Monarch Sanctuary. 

Here's where you can help.  If you can donate $10-$40 a month or even a one time donation to the attached link, this will directly support the work of guardians who protect the Sanctuary.

If it's okay with you, we would like to keep you informed about our program.  We believe it is important for all concerned to know exactly what is happening, both to your donation and to the Monarch Butterflies.

Warmest regards,

Joel Moreno Rojas & Ellen Sharp
Butterflies & Their People, AC
Macheros, Mexico

John and Rosemary Dailey
SkyRiver Butterflies

David Bohlken
Monarchs Forever

Todd Stout
Raising Butterflies

Keri Wright                                        
Farfalla Butterfly

Connie Hodgson
Flutterby Gardens

P.S. Email us – we are happy to answer any questions. Better yet, come visit us and see your efforts in action!