The following are testimonials by happy customers who have purchased our butterflies to release for their special events or butterfly raising kits for their classrooms. 

From Teachers

Hi Lucy,
Thanks again for all of your assistance, we love having the butterflies each year!! Such a great learning opportunity for our students!

Hi Lucy,
Another successful year – thank you!
Could you please reserve 4 butterfly raising kits for me for May? 

Hi Lucy!!
Thank you so much for your email!!
My boys would love to raise caterpillars and butterflies again this year! We had a very successful year last year, 17 larvae and 17 beautiful butterflies! Some of whom mated before being released!
It was a great experience.
Thank you!
M., A.,  E.,  and H.

Hello Lucy,
On behalf of the staff at GS, we are happy to say we had a super successful batch this year.
We are launching our 50 today and everyone is very happy with our results and of course with how beautiful they are.
Thank you once again for your excellent service.

Hi Lucy,
The raising butterfly experience went so well! We were able to release the butterflies last week. What an exciting day that was! The students enjoyed the process immensely and they really developed in their understanding of life cycles.
Thank you,
SK teacher

Hi Lucy;

I just wanted to let you know that our Butterfly raising was a huge success!!! The kids loved seeing the caterpillars grow from "speck-sized" to their full size, pupate and then emerge from their cocoons. You can just imagine the excitement as whenever they checked the net cage, there was a new butterfly to greet them.
 The flight cage worked out great, as they were able to see them from all sides and the butterflies had some room to move around too. We released them this past Friday, with the help of the kindergarten class, and everyone was amazed at being able to see them so closely. 
Thank you again for all you help with this project. It was fabulous and I will definitely be passing your card around to other classes who may want to undertake this project next spring.

​From Brides and Grooms

​Hi Lucy, 

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the butterflies you sent us for the wedding.
They were incredible!!!

The arrived with plenty of time, and we kept them cool the day leading up to the wedding.

We tested one out about an hour before the ceremony and it worked perfectly. We had 3 left for the ceremony, and the 2 we opened during the ceremony worked beautifully!!!
The last one, we opened during pictures and it actually sat right on my bouquet and made for some beautiful shots!!

I cannot thank you enough for sending me the butterflies. They helped to make our ceremony absolutely beautiful and really added something to make it unique as well. Everyone loved it!!

As well, butterflies mean something special to both my mom and I, so we will never forget that they were a part of my wedding day :)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the butterflies!!!!

Thank you again!!!!
Melissa and Ian

From a Fund Raising Event)

August 17, 2010 
Dear Ms. Perna: 
On behalf of the Riverview Park and Zoo 75th Anniversary Committee, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of Monarch butterflies for the butterfly garden opening ceremony at our Gala event. It was very generous of you to include the Monarchs with our order. What a lovely surprise it was to have Monarchs released with the Painted Ladies. 
Our fundraising event was a great success bringing in over $15, 000.00 in donations for our Zoo Animal Healthcare Centre. We are so grateful for your participation in the event; the butterflies certainly helped to make the evening an enjoyable one for our guests. Please visit our website at to view photos of the night. 
We are appreciative of your contribution to the gala and we look forward to any opportunities to work with you in the future. 
Yvonne Coveney-Boyd 
Chair, Riverview Park and Zoo Advisory Committee 

Just wanted to Thank you once again for delivering the butterflies for our special day.  I’m happy to report that ALL the butterflies survived the drive and being in my care!  The weather held out and it was gorgeous.  All the wedding party and kids we had participate LOVED it and most of the butterflies stuck around to have their pictures taken.

Most people we had at the wedding hadn't seen this before either which was nice to have something 'original.'  I have attached a picture of the butterfly on my bouquet.

Thank you again!!


Hi Lucy,

Everything went beautifully at the wedding. The day was sunny, the sky was blue, my daughter-in-law looked absolutely gorgeous, my son looked very handsome and all the arrangements went by without a hitch. The butterflies survived. Everyone was very impressed with the monarchs. I will send some pictures when the photographer sends them to us in about 6 weeks.

Thanks you again so much for driving down to Ottawa. That was a very generous, wonderful thing that you did and I won't forget it.  I will be seeing my monarch teacher connection this weekend and I will pass on information about your butterfly farm to her.

Thanks again and I was so glad to have met you. I'll be in touch again.


Butterfly Release for Memorial 
and Celebration of Life Services

Good Morning Lucy
54 more painted ladies are now filling our skies. Their release was a beautiful end to our Celebration of Life service.
Thank you.
Love, Light and Grateful


I wanted to let you know that our butterfly release in memory of our aunt was a success!
All of the butterflies made the journey and were released surrounded by a group of children full of anticipation awaiting their pending flight. 
It was a wonderful sight to behold. 
Thank you very much
F C 

Hi Lucy,

The butterfly release we had for my Mother's funeral went so well! Every single butterfly (all 30 of them) survived and flew away! It was amazing. Thank you for providing such a service for people to honor their loved ones. You have inspired me to plant more milkweed in my yard and have a butterfly release party every year.

Hi Lucy,

Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful butterflies! They were so lovely and we all enjoyed releasing them in the rose garden. Everyone said to say thank you.

The representative at the Cemetery who helped us on Saturday thought the butterflies were a wonderful idea and had never seen them used before. I told her about you and she said she'd be pleased to refer you to families making arrangments. 


Thank you from happy couple
Jenn's beautfil flowers and butterfly
monarch on hand
kids in class