The stages of development of the Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) from egg to larva to pupa (Chrysalis) to adult are shown here.
Painted Lady pupa
Painted Lady butterflies mating
Painted Lady Butterflies
Painted Lady pupa
Painted Lady butterfly
Painted Lady
Painted Lady caterpillar
Painted Lady caterpillar
Painted Lady butterflies mating. shhhh
Painted Lady butterfly on a malva plant in bloom. Tiny blue painted lady eggs have been deposited by the female on the leaf.  
Painted Lady caterpillar munching on a malva leaf.
Painted Lady caterpillars (about three days old) on a special diet food. This special diet comes with our classroom kits.
Painted Lady pupa has lovely golden spots.
The pupa turns dark before adlult butterfly emerges.
Can you see the wing inside?
Painted Lady side view after emergence 
See it's little proboscis curled up?
Painted Lady  butterflies nectaring on nectar soaked cotton balls. They will nectar on slices of fruit such as watermelon and orange as well.
Painted Lady butterfly on a flower after release.
painted lady on malva
painted lady side view
The underside of the painted lady wings are very different from the topside. 
wedding painted lady
Painted Lady butterfly on the bouquet after a wedding release Thank you Dorcas and Randy!
painted lady detail wing
The painted lady wing close up.