Monarch pupa.
Monarch pupa.
Monarch emergence
Monarch pupa
tiny larva
monarch eggs
 Monarch caterpiller
Monarch butterfly emerges
Monarch adults
Monarch eggs and tiny larva just emerged. 
 Monarch larva (caterpillers) eating milkweed leaves.
Monarch pupa.  
Monarch pupa at a later stage, just before emerging. You can see the wing through the transparent pupa.
Monarch adult freshly emerged.
Monarch pupa in various stages of development.
Monarchs pairing 
Monarch adults nectaring.
The stages of development of the monarch butterfly from egg to larva to pupa (Chrysalis) to adult are shown here.
Monarchs mating
 Monarch caterpiller s on a milkweed plant
monarch pupa metmorphosis
 Monarch larva devour a surprising amount of milkweed leaves daily.
 A Monarch larva becomes a pupa.
 Monarch caterpiller close-up.
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